Make a scrap book page

Tutorial - Make a Scrapbook Page
(by Pracken)

I added the Peace symbol because it is also 50 this year. Click on image to see a larger preview. This image was downsized from 12 inch x 12 inch 300 pixels per inch
to 78 pixels per inch and 600 x 600 pixels - smart size in Paint Shop Pro.

This is an interesting tutorial - which I recommend you to only use as a guide.
It gives you a good example of a simple and elegant well balanced layout.
Do the tutorial exactly as presented if you want to.
By using your own images, elements and colours the result will be uniquely yours!
Use any free elements and tubes if you wish.

Tutorial Notes from pat/PCArt
I created my paper on a 12 inch x 12 inch canvas 300 pixels per inch - and Scribbled a lot with my paint brush set at default / round and size 50 - No two papers will be the same because our scribbles and colour choices are different.

Then I Applied Fantastic Machines Paint Engine - just hit the random button till I saw something I liked. Then I applied Brush Strokes as in the tutorial but used a darker shade of my dark colour. Applied Kaliedoscope at default - Applied Pattern at default - Applied Brush strokes again.

Creating paper like this takes a long time because of the size so you need to be very patient!

The fibres were drawn freestyle on a new layer, then selected and selection expanded by 7 - float - defloat and apply Fantastic Machines to give a fibrous look to them and a drop shadow.

My heading was done in Freestyle Script
set to bold and 90 points, then used the deform tool to rotate it slightly.

My buttons were made using Preset Shapes from Scrap Stuff with PSP

and I applied Effects - Flaming Pear - Laquer to them. Try any other glassy or sculpture effects on yours.

Using Layered Templates

Using Layered Templates

DIP/PSD Layered Sunshine Sketch by Shelleyrae
You Need To be Registered with Scrapbook-Bytes
to be able to get this template. Then Search for
Sunshine Sketch by Shelleyrae.

You can also follow the tutorial as a guide and use any layered template of your choice.


Easy Grosgrain Ribbon

Tutorial - Easy Grosgrain Ribbon
(by PCArt)

Preview Shown at approximately 20% - Click on image to see larger preview.

You may need to adjust the various settings depending on the size of your ribbon - please note tutorials are merely a guide for you to work with - ultimately the end result reflects your own creativity and individuality and style. Try different noise and blinds settings. Also when creating for a scrap page that you intend printing and creating at the large sizes stipulated, Try viewing at approximately 17% to 20 % to see what the printed image size will be like.

1 - Open a new canvas 17 inches x .50 inches (or however wide or long you want your ribbon to be)
17 inches is so that the ribbon can be used corner to corner at 45 degrees across a 12 inch x 12 inch page.
2 - flood fill your canvas with your colour
3 - selections /select all /modify /contract x 12 pixels / invert selection
4 - add a new layer and flood fill selection with a darker shade of your colour
5 - effects / texture effects / blinds / width 30 opacity 50 colour #202020 / horizontal and light Unchecked
6 - effects / 3d effects / inner bevel / default round - change depth and width to 2
7 - adjust / add remove noise / add noise gaussian monochrome 10 - 15
8 - lower opacity of this edge layer to 50 percent
9 - apply the same blinds and noise effects to the bottom ribbon layer
10 - merge visible
11 - effects / Greg's pool shadow / intensity 52 and lightness 190
12 - use your selection tool to select the end parts of the ribbon "frame" and delete so that your ribbon has raw ends.
13 - selections / select all / float / defloat / crop to selection

File / save as / image name .PNG
Greg's Pool Shadow Zip


Creating stitches in Paintshop Pro

Tutorial - Creating Stitches in Paint Shop Pro
This is an advanced Tutorial (from Just Mommies)

Here I used the script to stitch around preset shapes "square, heart and flower
1 - in vector mode - draw your shape,
2 - choose your tube/stitch/bead
3 - and then run the script!

To get the script for stitching (or beading etc.,)
around your vectors, go here

Previous Lessons are listed now in our group Digital Scrapping Class
under links/tutorials
alternatively you will find them here on my blog
under the label Digital Scrapping Class

My facebook Gallery Visit to see some of my scrap layouts,
most of the scraps are available FREE on this blog!


Simple Bezier Flowers

Thank you Mary aka Beachkid for taking care of our group
while I was away on holiday - you are a real blessing!

Tutorial - Simple Bezier Flowers(by SuzShook)

Tutorial Note by pat/PCArt
I made the first big pink flower following the tutorial - (well...sort of)
then duplicated and colorized for the red and orange
then played with preset shapes for the little pink ones and fern leaves.

Previous Lessons
They are listed in our group
Digital Scrapping Class
under links/tutorials
alternatively you will find them here on my blog
under the label Digital Scrapping Class

My facebook Scrap Gallery


Creating an Index Card

Tutorial - Creating an Index Card
(by Bannerwoman Designs)

Preview Shown at 20%
Previous Lessons

They are listed in our group Digital Scrapping Class
under links/tutorials
alternatively you will find here on my blog
under the label Digital Scrapping Class


Patterned Paper

Patterned Paper
by PCArt
Paint Shop Pro

I opened a 600 x 600 pixel 300 pixels per inch canvas
Used my shapes tool to draw out a few coloured butterflies
Applied a texture to the butterflies
Used Simple filter Diamonds to make a seamless pattern.

Opened a 12 inch x 12 inch 300 pixels per inch canvas
Flood filled with white
Used the flood fill tool and selected the butterfly
pattern from the menu at size 200
flood filled my "paper"
merged and saved as .jpg

To Show the sample here
I saved the image again as namepreview
re sized 78 pixels per inch
600 x 600 pixels
smart size
all layers checked
added name to image
and SAVED AS namePreview

Try other patterns, colours, shapes, brushes,
try lowering the opacity or changing the layer options
of your pattern layer before merging and
see what happens!


Tutorial to try - Creating a Simple Circle Pattern
(from Just Mommies)
This tutorial is written for Photoshop
but can be used as an idea guide in Paint Shop Pro too

Tutorials are supplied as a guide but doing your own thing is encouraged!

Previous Lessons are listed in our group Digital Scrapping Class
under links/tutorials
alternatively you will find them here on my blog
under the label Digital Scrapping Class

Dymo Tape Label

Tutorial Dymo Tape Label
by PCArt

Shown at 20%

File New
3600 x 142 pixels 300 pixels per inch Raster background
this is for the tape

Flood fill with colour of choice

Click on Text tool and choose your font
you will see it as Arial Rounded MT 1 from your dropdown menu
and type your words - Auto Kern Off - Kerning 149
Colour white size 100 as Vector
Object - Align - Center in Canvas
Go to your layers and convert to Raster


on your text layer
Selections select all float defloat
selections modify expand x 8 ok
add new layer
fill selections on new layer with tape colour
Select None
Effects 3d effects inner bevel
Default bevel 1

Adjust blur Gaussian blur 1
Lower opacity of this layer to 50%

on your top white text layer
(if not at the top - move to the top)

effects 3d effects
bevel default bevel 1
change width to 15 and depth to 5

merge visible
cut tape

apply inner bevel
default bevel 1
change width to 2 and depth to 1

save - you are done

xoxoxo pat/PCArt

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Polaroid Frame

Tutorial - Polaroid Frame(by ©PCArt)
Using Paint Shop Pro

Click on image to see Frames Shown at approximately 20%

Keep in mind the kind of dimensions a typical Polaroid Frame has
and this has to be one of the easiest things to do!

File New Image
1125 x 1353
300 pixels per inch
(Resize this to 20% if you only want to make a tag)

First Layer Create frame using selection tool rectangle
and flood fill Frame #dbdfe2
Use selection tool again to cut out the middle
(see sample images as a guide to where to cut out)
Bevel default 2
change to width 3 depth 3

(Optional Inner Film)
Select with magic wand inside frame
expand selection by 8
Add New Raster Layer
Fill selection on this new layer #202632
Gregs Pool Shadow and reduce layer opacity to about 40%
Make sure inner film layer is underneath

Merge visible layers
click magic wand outside frame
invert and crop to selection
and save as .png

Challenge - Decorate those frames!

Now why stop at a plain old empty frame?

You've learned some pretty interesting things - you've made a colour palette, you've made a mat frame, a polaroid frame, a few embellishments, like the charm, a few felt shapes, and perhaps even some papers - now it is time to jazz up your work and make it uniquely you!

Go back to your simplest frames and decorate them and re-save them as a new creation.
Go back to your paper and select a piece of it and make a matching frame for your paper.
Bevel your frames and add other textures to them.
Make frames in different shapes!
Add your bows, buttons, beads etc to them!
Try using the colourizing feature in Paint Shop Pro to change the colours of your pieces

E x p e r i m e n t !
I n s p i r e !
C r e a t e !

Let's see what you can create!
Then show us what you have made - this way we can inspire each other
to try new ideas.

Visit other blogs and see what they make
and then "steal with your eyes" and make something of your own.


Scotch Tape

Tutorial - Scotch Tape
(© PCArt)Paint Shop Pro

File New .50 inch x 3 inch (or larger if you wish)
300 pixels per inch
Raster background
Selections Select all
Selections Modify Contract x 20
flood fill selection with white
Lower Layer opacity to 53

Keep Selected
Add a New Layer
Foreground White / Background Black
Gradient Foreground-Background
Style Linear Angle 180 Repeats 7
Fill Selection with Gradient
Lower layer opacity to 36

If White Layer is not on top move to top now
Adjust Add noise Uniform 28% Monochrom
Merge Visible

Choose selection tool Rectangle
Select a tiny part of the tape at the top and slightly higher

Apply Filter Fantasic Machine Paint Engine Sandpaper downhill

and then Apply effects Blur Gaussian Blur 1 to this selection


Repeat this step again at the bottom of the tape

Selections Select all Float defloat
Image Crop to selection

SAVE as .png