Metal Charm Elements

Creating a Metal Charm (by Bruticia) * 2017 - tutorial link no longer available - see my notes below.

Notes from Pat

Try different shapes, and sizes - also test different line widths from 5 to 10, try adding gems or other decoration.

Save the finished charms in .png format like the heart above. Eventually try different sculptures and metal or other effects.

......Go to Effects~Texture Effects~Sculpture
Presets~Gold and click ok......
This is the plain gold that should be available and should be visible in your Sculpture pattern window.

If you do not have it then save this Gold.bmp to your Paint Shop Pro pattern folder.

When you click on Presets - and your Sculpture options box pops up
click on the bent back arrow to restore to default
then click on the menu arrow there and scroll down to find Gold and accept the settings. OK

The Gold default settings should be
Size 100 Smoothness 10 Depth 3 Ambience 0 Shininess 46
Angle 315 Intensity 30 Elevation 56 Colour White

When creating your charm for some shapes you might want to make your line width thinner or thicker - it also depends on how large your charm is.

Also where the dark colour is - the sculpture goes inward and where the light colour is the sculpture comes outward.

The thing with scrapping is you can make the same or similar things over and over again for use in different layouts and themes - so let your imaginations run wild.

Find New Shapes at Scrap Stuff With PSP while they are still available!

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