Thursday, May 21, 2009

DSC LESSON 47 Slide Mounts

Slide Mounts
By Zee Helmick 2005
Creating Slide Mounts
By Joseph M Apice
Ideas to decorate your Slides
from Scrapbooking Memories

Tutorial Note From Pat
The tutorials and links above are merely guides and ideas where you can and are encouraged to do your own thing!
If you are making your slides for a printable scrap page - try making them at least 3,5 inches x 3,5 inches at 300 pixels per inch.
The round one in the middle has no tutorial - it is simply a preset circle, and a circle cut out, a rounded rectangle duplicated and flipped and merged, duplicated and rotated 45 degrees - and repeated to complete the circle of frames to make your own "viewmaster" type of slide. Here is my mini tut on the Viewmaster type slide, I hope it is clear and easy to understand.

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