Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

New Year Prayer

God grant us this year a wider view,
So we see others' faults through the eyes of You.
Teach us to judge not with hasty tongue,
Neither the adult ... nor the young.

Give us patience and grace to endure
And a stronger faith so we feel secure.
Instead of remembering, help us forget
The irritations that caused us to fret.

Freely forgiving for some offense
And finding each day a rich recompense.
In offering a friendly, helping hand
And trying in all ways to understand;

That all of us whoever we are ...
Are trying to reach an unreachable star.
For the great and small ... the good and bad,
The young and old ... the sad and glad

Are asking today; Is life worth living?
The answer is only in, loving and giving.
For only Love can make man kind
And Kindness of Heart brings Peace of Mind.

By giving love, we can start this year
To lift the clouds of hate and fear.

- Helen Steiner Rice -
1900 – 1981

A Way to a Happy New Year

To leave the old with a burst of song,
to recall the right and forgive the wrong;
to forget the thing that binds you fast
to the vain regrets of the year that's past.

-- Robert Brewster Beattie --

New Year Celebrations

Welcoming the new year is one of the oldest and gayest customs celebrated the world over. In many places people stay up late to watch the old year out and the new year in. Almost everywhere in the world church bells ring, horns toot, whistles blow, sirens shriek. London's Trafalgar Square and New York City's Times Square swarm with crowds of happy, noisy people. The hullabaloo expresses people's high spirits at holiday time. Many years ago, however, the loud noises were meant to scare away evil spirits, thus giving the new year a fresh start.....
Read More Here - Marvelicious Victorian New Year

Happy New Year Wish

My Happy New Year wish for you
Is for your best year yet,
A year where life is peaceful,
And what you want, you get.

A year in which you cherish
The past year’s memories,
And live your life each new day
Full of bright expectancies.

I wish for you a holiday
With happiness galore;
And when it’s done, I wish you
Happy New Year, and many more.
By Joanna Fuchs

Auld Lang Syne

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and days of auld lang syne?
For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and days of auld lang syne?
And here's a hand, my trusty friend
And gie's a hand o' thine
We'll tak' a cup o' kindness yet
For auld lang syne

"Auld Lang Syne," is sung at the stroke of midnight to bring in the New Year in almost every English speaking country in the world.
Partially written by Robert Burns in the 1700's, and first published in 1796 after Burns' death. Earlier variations of the song were sung before 1700 and these inspired Burns to produce the modern rendition. "Auld Lang Syne" is an old Scottish tune and the words mean "old long ago," or "the good old days."

For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.

~T.S. Eliot ~
"Little Gidding"

The tradition of using babies to signify the new year

Then sing, young hearts that are full of cheer,
With never a thought of sorrow;
The old goes out, but the glad young year
Comes merrily in tomorrow.
* Emily Miller *

The tradition of using babies to signify the new year was started in Greece around 600 BC. It was their tradition then to celebrate their god of wine, Dionysus, by parading a baby in a basket, representing the annual rebirth of that god as the spirit of fertility. Early Egyptians also used a baby as a symbol of rebirth.
Although the early Christians denounced the practice as pagan, the popularity of the baby as a symbol of rebirth forced the Church to reevaluate its position. The Church finally allowed its members to celebrate the new year with a baby, which was to symbolize the birth of the baby Jesus. The use of an image of a baby with a New Years banner as a symbolic representation of the new year was brought to early America by the Germans. They had used the effigy since the fourteenth century.

The Countdown to New Year has begun

The Countdown to New Year has begun

During the year may you have
Enough happiness to keep you sweet.
Enough trials to keep you strong.
Enough sorrow to keep you human.
Enough hope to keep you happy.
Enough failure to keep you humble.
Enough success to keep you eager.
Enough friends to give you comfort.
Enough wealth to meet your needs.
Enough enthusiasm to make you look forward to tomorrow.
Enough determination to make each day better than the day before.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Fill a Shape with Text in Paint Shop Pro

Fill a Shape with Text in Paint Shop Pro
English and French Version
by Cassel 2006
Please Note although the tutorial is well written and easy to understand, this is not an easy task so you need to have time and patience.

With the one above I selected my text once I was done and used the spray gun to paint over the words, it looks kind of grungy now. Click on images to see larger previews.

With this one I played a bit longer to get the text positioned exactly as I wanted it
in the heart and then played with what I have learned from the glitter elements and cardboard tag (Video) tutorials, and the vellum tip from J. below.

You will need Mura Meister Clouds available here
1. Start with a blank transparent canvas, size up to you.

2. Set your foreground color to black and background color to white.

3. Go to Mura Meister Clouds under your filter directory and just apply the default settings.

4. Apply a gaussian blur of around 50.

5. Then adjust the opacity to around 22 or whatever looks good to you and voila, vellum. You can even add a poolshadow if you wish. J.

Folded Ribbon

Tutorial Tuesday
Tutorial Link
Folded Ribbon by Steph

Steph is one of our talented members and a great tutorial writer too. Steph has recently shared this tutorial with us at Digital Scrapping Class and it is my chosen recommendation for this Tutorial Tuesday

Thank you Steph for a great tutorial and for showing it to our group
I had a very enjoyable time playing with this folded ribbon.
xoxoxo pat

Sabi Star Scrap Freebie

I was inspired to create a kit by the very pretty Sabi Star Flower as it is known in Africa - also known as the Desert Rose in other parts of the world.
Here is the first little gift This little package contains 12 Star Flower Accents created @ 300dpi PNG.

Here is the second part to my Sabi Star Flower Collection - 8 Tags in 300dpi PNG to compliment the kit which includes accents and frames, papers, ribbons and bows, they will follow soon. As always please respect my TOU included in the download. Remember to click on the image to see a larger preview. Enjoy!

Here is the third part of my Sabi Star Flower Collection.
I am really happy with the way it has turned out.
20 x Papers @ 300dpi jpg.

There are three packs to download,
One Papers,
Two Papers,
Three Papers!
Part Four Accents of my Sabi Star Flower Collection - 8 x Bows and 4 x Flower Accents. Thank you for your interest in this kit

As promised, here is Part Five of my Sabi Star Flower Collection

Here is Part Six of the Sabi Star Flower Collection. A selection of Journal Notes, cards and ribbons

Part Seven of this Sabi Star Flower Collection is a set of four 7 inch x 5 inch Jewelled Frames and 34 Jewels - some are semi-transparent

Coffee Club 0408 Kit

Welcome Coffee Club Members!
This is available at your download link that was mailed to you.

To see all Members Kits, please click on the Members Kits Label

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chakra Moods Scrap Freebie

According to the experts:-
Red is associated with the first chakra. It is a hot color that represents our life energy, our physical strength and vitality. Red is used to increase vitality and to send warmth.
Orange is associated with the second chakra. It is a warm color that energizes, invigorates and nourishes. Orange can bring self-confidence.
Yellow is associated with the third chakra. It is a warm color that can stimulate the nervous system and effects the mind and emotions. Yellow can help with mood elevation and alleviates exhaustion and burnout.
Green is associated with the fourth chakra. It is a cool color and a great balancer. Green can help soothe and bring harmony.
Blue is associated with the fifth chakra. It is a cool color and brings lightness, peace and calm and helps with sleep.
Indigo is associated with the sixth chakra. It helps build a positive outlook and bring inner strength.
Violet is associated with the seventh chakra. It is a regal color and is the color of inner-power. Violet can bring higher understanding and calm.
This mini kit is for a 12" x 12"layout and is 300 dpi. It comprises of 9 Petal/Mood Papers in jpg format, in two folders, 7 Chakra Petal Elements, 7 Blank Tags, and 7 Tassels. All in PNG Format.
Download the Paper 1 Here, Paper 2 Here, Chakra Petals Here, Tassels and Tags Here,

Coffee Club Members Grape Kit

This mini kit is now available to Coffee Club Members
Your password will be posted to you.

This Mini Kit contains painted grapes and leaves, 6 x Raffia Bows and 3 x frames all in .png format - created at 300 pixels per inch and 12 x 12 inch x 12 inch 300 pixels per inch papers in .jpg format.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Flowers n Fluff Members Kit

Hello Coffee Club Members, I enjoyed creating the fluffy butterflies, tissue flowers and teddy bears for this little kit. Also included is my hand painted doodle and some paper folder clips. The mats are laced with fluff too.

It co-ordinates with the Flowers n Fluff Freebie, which you are also welcome to have.

I think it would be a fun kit to use for a Mothers Day layout or a New Baby layout, or even a Spring layout! Oh.....whatever you do with it, I hope you will have fun! Oh and in this kit there is also a pink ribbon that I forgot to include on the preview! I will send an e-mail to you with your password and if you have any problems, please let me know by e-mail.

Flowers n Fluff Scrap Freebie

This Freebie co-ordinates with the Coffee Club Members Flowers n Fluff Kit. Download the Freebie

Red Velvet Alpha Scrap Freebie

Red Velvet Alpha Freebie
Co-ordinates with the Coffee Club Red Velvet Kit.

Alpha is on one layer in 300 pixels per inch .png
To use them, use your selection tool to select each letter you need - copy and paste on a new layer and move into position on your layout.

Red Velvet Members Kit

Click on image for a larger preview.

Hello to my Coffee Club Members,
here is another little kit for you - I hope that you like it.
To see all of your other kits if you have not got them yet, please visit Members Kits at the labels below.
I will e-mail your password information to you.
If you have not received my e-mail with your password for any of the kits please write to me and let me know.

Flower Scrap Template Freebie

Above and below are samples of the flowers you could make using my template.
Do what you want with them - it's a gift . Commercial use allowed for this template, I don't mind. Thank you for your visit and comments.

Scrapping Flowers

Scrap kits often have flowers in them, Vector Drawn and hand painted.
Preset shaped flowers are also used and added to doodles, or used to create Patchwork flowers.
Preset Shapes can also be used to make Paper, Cardboard, Tissue, Fabric, Denim, Gingham, Glass, and Faux felt and sticker flowers.
Beads and stitching can be added.
How about creating a Flowery Frame or flower textured paper or ribbon?
Filters are applied to make them look like glass or some kind of jewel or charm.
Real flowers are also photographed and then tubed.
Sometimes a texture is added to make them look like fabric.
We have had lacy flowers from Rita recently and they were a favourite in class too.

Today there is no specific tutorial
It is a challenge to use your imagination and see what kind of flowers you can create.
Let's see what we can learn from each other.

Here are a few Flower Tutorials to get you started

Eadie's Assorted Flowers
Patchwork Flower
Metal and Gel Flower
Rita's Lacy Flower
Angie's Scrappy Flower
Patchwork Flower Template

Browse through the tutorials listed at our website for more inspiration
and do any of the flower tutorials that you want to do, or design your own!
I am hoping to see many beautiful bouquets!

More Flowers

Here is my result of Angie's Scrappy Flower, I used my own choices of colour gradient and painted glitter on afterwards.

For the Glitter - No script No plugins :)

the glitter is painted on to a new layer with these

Paint Brush Settings

Brush shape round, size 17, hardness 4, step 35, density 70, thickness 100
rotation 0, Opacity 100, Blend mode Normal,

Save AS Glitter paint Preset for future use.

Glitter from Jennie's World Creations

Retro Baby Glitters which I colourized to suit my flowers.

Open your glitter fill in your work space.
Click on your patterns - choose the glitter fill.
Click on your paint brush.
Click on your paintbrush preset.

Then paint your glitter as you like it on a new layer above your flower.

Lacy Flowers by Rita

Thanks Rita for a fabulous and inspiring tutorial.
Lacy Flowers Tutorial by Rita Link

Tutorial Note from Pat
Using Rita's Lacy Flower Tutorial as a guide -
I chose to use a preset shape
with a gradient as my foreground and background fill colour
and the net pattern as my fill texture.
Make sure you check the texture box when you choose the background fill colour
The net pattern needs to be in your textures folder.
I changed the size of the net texture to 50%
Click outside your preset shape
select invert modify decrease selection to preserve your border
Keep selected and on a new layer draw your squiggles
apply a random kaleidoscope pattern to your squiggles layer only
this way your netting on the layer below will stay square.

The leaves were done using a glitter fill for the foreground and background colour.

Kandy's Rose

Rose made from Kandy's Tutorial
it is made from selections she supplies - please note that there are 24 selections
although the tut only shows up to selection 23
The leaves were cut from a preset shape

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Thank you Rose for this award!

A True Christmas Heart Award is to be given to 3 people who show the true meaning of giving and caring at any time of the year, not just Christmas.
It can only be given to that person 1 time.
Here are my 3 choices.

Friday, December 05, 2008

By Stephanie (EyeSpyDesigns)

What were you feeling when you made it?

by Stephanie (EyeSpyDesigns)

Here's some food for thought about PSP'ers and their designs.

Some people listen to music, sing it, play it, or write it for mental therapy. Some people plant flowers in their gardens when something is on their mind. Some people will volunteer their time to a worthy cause they pick for a very personal reason, and some people devote their time to their families and pets. Some people will read books, write poetry, scribble thoughts in a journal, call a friend, drink some coffee (or tea), smoke a cigarette, exercise, cook, cry, scream, laugh, draw, drive, eat, go to church or even see a therapist. Whatever it takes to feel OK again, it's not to be forgotten or counted out. And maybe we all do one or more of these things at times, or maybe it depends on the "situation", but our fall back (even if it's not always first choice) usually ends up being Paint Shop Pro and the creations that we make within. The most fascinating thing that I've really noticed in the PSP communities I've been in through out the years is a similarity in all the people within this community and yet a uniqueness all at once as well. How can this be? How can you be similar but unique at the same time? It's easy, we all create with feeling, but what we feel at the time of creating is what makes us so unique from one another.

When things get rough, uncertain, demanding, and down-right hard to deal with, we seem to turn to the one thing (Or perhaps one of the many things) that makes us feel better; our PSP programs. Often, we design out of inspiration. Something on TV gave us a good idea, or we were flipping through a magazine and thought, "Wow ... I can make that in my graphics program!" Those are the happy inspirations we get from day to day life. Then there are the serious inspirations, the ones that drive us to design for therapy and for sanity. I often wondered when coming across a person's masterpiece, what exactly made them design in that moment? What were they thinking, feeling, doing, experiencing in life at that time? When someone we love falls ill, or passes away .. we get quiet, but sit creating works of art to express our feelings and thoughts whether we know it or not. We create just like a painter at a canvas with his paint pallet and brushes. Sometimes I will look back on my work from years past, and I can almost SEE my thoughts and emotions in my own work, just like going back and reading a journal. I can see that the tag I created for friends to request about 4 years ago was the same day I found out my grandfather passed on. Or the tag I created 5 months ago was when I heard I was going to be an aunt for the first time. The tag I made when I heard my grandfather passed isn't a dark one, but a bright one, and I stopped and thought to myself today when looking back at it - why would I choose bright colors for such a dark day? Then it hit me. As I studied the way I had placed my pieces, and the items I created from my mind - I was reflecting back on all the happiest memories I had of my grandfather when I was a little girl. All the joys, good thoughts, memories, feelings, emotions and love I had for him poured out of me and into my work like someone had turned on a faucet inside of my head. These things we make - these creations ... they are so much more than just "graphics" in our virtual world. They are pieces of our thoughts, hearts, souls, feelings, and emotions .... they are personal. They are to be valued, and respected.

The PSP community passes on personal pieces of their heart from one person to the next, freely, trustingly, lovingly, and happily. THIS is what makes our community so special and wonderful to be a part of. What other community does this? What other community in this world will sit for hours to create something so personal (even if we don't realize we're reflecting our emotions in our work) and hand it out to the rest of the world happily and proudly? I'm sure there's a community like ours out there, but I really just cannot think of one, (and I've sat for a while thinking now). LOL This is what makes us so unique and proud to be a part of.

The next time someone offers you a freebie kit, tag offer, stationary, tube, or whatever the mind can create from PSP - remember that what you are accepting is part of someone else's emotional canvas. Each piece is different. Some people have been "Expressing" themselves for years, while others are new at "expressing" themselves in this manner. No matter how good the creation though, if you look hard enough and long enough, you can certainly see what that person was feeling at the time of their creation. It's like looking peeking into their personal diary at times. What amazing trust we have within each other to allow the world to have a glimpse into our souls! Don't you agree?

I'm happy to say I'm part of this community, and I'm happy to share my feelings each and every time I send on my creations. So, what are you feeling today? Go back to your past creations, look at the dates you created the files and try to see if you can remember what happened during that time. Can you see your feelings in your work? When we go back to our past creations, we are usually so critical of our own work. Thinking to ourselves, "I don't really like how that turned out, but at the time I was so proud of myself. I can do so much better today!" But have you ever considered that you are criticizing your own feelings and emotions? It's quiet an eye opener when you look at it this way. I know it was for me. Well ... that's all of my thought. I just felt like sharing it. It was too interesting not to share. Feel free to share it with your other PSP communities. Maybe they too will want to go back and look at their work and see if they can "read" their journals through art and creation.

Written by Stephanie (EyeSpyDesigns) and posted here with her permission.

By Audrey Okaneko

Why You Want to Journal In Your Scrapbooks
By Audrey Okaneko

We’ve all looked through photo albums. There are page after page of photos. If the photo album belongs to someone else, we often must force a smile as we flip through page after page of photos that mean nothing to us. Even if the photos are photos of our relatives or closest friends, if we weren’t there, seeing hundreds of photos of someone else’s trip or someone else’s party can be a bit unexciting.

Journaling is what makes scrapbooks different than photo albums. Even if you wanted to journal in a photo album it would be tough. There is no space. There is just enough room to put your photos. Scrapbooks have entire blank pages that you can put both words and photos onto.

Journaling helps us and whoever else might be viewing the scrapbook know what the photo is, who the people in the photo are, what year the photo was taken and even how the photo taker felt about the photo.

If you come from a large family, you might have many photos showing a beautiful buffet table. Without journaling, it’s almost impossible to know if this buffet was from Thanksgiving or Mom and Dad’s surprise anniversary party.

Maybe this was the year that Uncle Tom had surgery and was not at the party. Just one line of journaling can trigger your memory reminding you that Uncle Tom was not there. You can even use a sticker of a hospital and underneath, write “Uncle Tom”. Not all journaling has to be long and detailed. Those two words are enough to tell the story. If I were to look at a friend’s scrapbook and see a hospital with the words “Uncle Tom”, I might ask if Uncle Tom was in the hospital, or I might ask for the rest of the story.

Over the years, I have taken many photos of those I’ve met on my travels. When my kids were small, I would strike up conversations with other moms. When we have taken trips, we’ll strike up conversations with others on the tour, or with others visiting the same attraction we are visiting.

Without some minor journaling as to who these people are, and where we met them, that memory might be lost.

My sister made a scrapbook for my daughter, showing every birthday party from the first up until about the 13th. Without the year the photos were taken in this scrapbook, it would have been very tough to know the 3rd party from the 4th, or the 8th from the 9th. My sister added either a year to the page (as a title), or the actual age of my daughter that year, so we knew exactly how old she was throughout the scrapbook. Some pages the years were hand written and some years were done with stickers.

Words tell the who, what, where and when of the photographs. Try adding a few words of journaling to each of your scrapbook pages and see if the results have both you and others smiling as you flip the pages.

Audrey Okaneko has been scrapbooking for several years. She can be reached at or visited at

Article Source

By Maureen Staiano

By Maureen Staiano

The Law of Attraction, its pretty much everywhere these days isn’t it? Once the creators of The Secret began showing up on Larry King and Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres it seemed as though it became the “hot” new thing to be involved in. That’s what The Secret is about, the law of attraction. Guess what? The law of attraction is not new. It has been around since the beginning of time and it has not been a secret. It has been operating in your life whether you have realized it or not.

The creator’s of The Secret were just brilliant in packaging it so that it would make an impact on the masses. Many others have been teaching it for years perhaps in just a less sensational way. It is a law just like gravity is a law. Not believing in it does not make it untrue.

With that in mind why not have some fun with it and just give it a try? According to the law of attraction what we put our focus and intention on is what shows up in our lives.

Even if you are a person who has not truly been aware of the law of attraction you may have seen it working first hand in your own life. Have you ever had a situation where you have been thinking of someone? You may not have seen or spoken to this person in a long time but for one reason or another they are on your mind. Not just a fleeting thought, something a little deeper so you have taken notice. Then shortly afterward either the phone rings or an e-mail shows up or a mutual friend mentions they saw this person. That in its simplest terms is the law of attraction at work.

I could go on and on but you get the drift. One of the things they suggested in The Secret was to create a dream board. In coaching we often call it a vision board. Whatever term you want to use it is basically a bulletin board or at the very least a poster board on which you have pinned, taped or glued pictures or items representing what you want to attract into your life.

What if you are a person who loves to demonstrate their creativity through scrapbooking? You already are extremely visual and know how to put together pleasing collages of things that are important to you. So perhaps instead of a dream board you could make a dream book with each page representing what you want to attract in different areas of you life.

You could have a page showing what your ultimate relationships would look like. Another one could represent your dream job. One page could bring to life what abundance is to you and how you want it to show up in your life. A page could be just devoted to the places you want to see in this world.

Think big. You already have a step up on many of us creating our vision boards, for you have been putting together mini boards for a long time. You have been creating pages memorialising the past. How about some beautiful pages of what you want to bring into your life today and in the future? Don’t let yourself be held back by any limiting beliefs. This is after all a dream book so let yourself go and dream big.

Once you have created your dream book keep it in a place that you can flip through it for a few minutes each day. That will keep the pictures of what you intend to attract into your life fresh and it will keep you energized. What you have pictured may not show up overnight but keep yourself open to what begins to be drawn to you.

Who knows, dream books may set off a whole new wave of scrapbooking.

Maureen Staiano is a Life Coach specializing in working with midlife women and the unique challenges, opportunities and transitions we face in our lives. Please visit me: and receive your free copy of Building Better Confidence and Self-Esteem. Also please visit

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