Scrap kits often have flowers in them, Vector Drawn and hand painted.
Preset shaped flowers are also used and added to doodles, or used to create Patchwork flowers.
Preset Shapes can also be used to make Paper, Cardboard, Tissue, Fabric, Denim, Gingham, Glass, and Faux felt and sticker flowers. Beads and stitching can be added.

How about creating a Flowery Frame or flower textured paper or ribbon?
Filters are applied to make them look like glass or some kind of jewel or charm.
Real flowers are also photographed and then tubed.
Sometimes a texture is added to make them look like fabric.

This is a little inspirational nudge to challenge you to see what kind of flowers you can create.

I am hoping to see many beautiful bouquets! Share them if you want to on our Facebook page!

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