Get your pen and paper out and start doodling!

Tutorial Note

**If you are drawing your doodles by mouse on your canvas in Paint Shop Pro...You will find that if you adjust your tracking to a higher number, your doodle lines will be smoother. Do a test and see with tracking at 1, you get jagged edges, then change the tracking to around 50 - 100 and the edges become smoother.

**Doodles above drawn on White paper with a black Paper Mate Fineline pen.
I browsed though some fairy images I have on my PC to get a few ideas for the doodles. An artist I once knew always said that we do need reference material!

I made this lot playing with lines and vectors and preset shapes and used the wave setting and also played with layer opacity .....and the vine is supposed to look like lizards :) I remember seeing an armband tattoo on a friend, designed by her husband a few years ago, so I kind of played with that from memory.

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