Beads on a Wire & Wire Words

Tutorial - Beads on a Wire (by Tracey Renemo) * 2017 tutorial no longer available, see notes below.

Tutorial Note from Pat

Here I drew a curved vector line across my page and used a script to place the beads, then placed smaller beads by hand in between the larger ones. I then texturized and sculptured the line to make it like a string or cord.

Don't be afraid to experiment with sculptures, bevels, textures and colourization, you will be surprised what you can come up with!

Try using preset shapes or vector shapes and use your vector/tube paint script to place your beads, or place them by hand individually, on wire words for example.

Wire Words Tutorial

See 16 Beads for a tutorial on making your own beads

Thanks to the wonderfully talented and generous tutorial writers who share their talent, I am continually learning!

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