Photo Prong

Look at these prongs - can you see the simple shapes? Ovals and circles. This is where you begin creating your prongs with shapes.

Tutorial Notes from pat/PCArt

Save your first prong as a flat grey template with your brad still on a separate layer.

Copy and use your template to make many different brads.
When you are finished and your layers are merged,
go to Selections / Select all / Float / Defloat and crop to selection.
Save as .png

Try Different bevels, Textures, Sculptures, Pattern Fills,
The possibilities are endless!

This was a 12 inch x 12 inch page and the finished prongs were pasted onto it.

When viewing the page in Paint Shop Pro at 100% the Prongs are as big as you see the loose ones in this post, but on the page when viewed in Paint Shop Pro at between 17%and 20% which is about how big it would be when printing it out, they appear proportionately on the page as you see them above in this preview.

Perhaps this helps to explain why we create our elements "so big" :)

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