Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Say a Prayer for Zimbabwe

Say A Prayer for Zimbabwe

How does one explain the intricate workings of the subconscious mind?
How is it that I woke up this morning with this tune in my mind

.....and he whistled and he sang
'till the green woods rang,
and he won the heart of the lady...
ha de do ha de do da day,
ha de do da de day dee......

I cannot imagine why I woke hearing this tune "The Whistling Gypsy Rover" in my mind, no radio was on, I cannot remember what I dreamed if I did, and I do not recall hearing the song at all in recent memory and I absolutely cannot remember when I did last hear it. There is no memorable event attached to the song for me either, so it is a complete mystery to me.

What could have happened or been said to trigger that song to come out of my stored memories?

Perhaps there was an angel whispering to me.......The thought of a gypsy in my mind is purely that of a traveller, someone who never stays in one place for very long. Someone who never really settles in any place...a free spirit.

The song in my mind got me thinking of my father, he was like that, always yearning and searching for something out there...a wonderful father whom I am blessed to be able to call Dad. He joked once and said his favourite song was - "I Was Born Under A Wandering Star". - by Lee Marvin -

I rarely get to see my dad who is 77 years old now, as he is so far away. He lives in Zimbabwe, a very troubled land, and my thoughts and prayers are with him and my other family there. How can any of the people there feel settled in these times?

........forced to move on if they can,
run away and seek refuge if they can,
break rules and cross borders to escape if they can,
save their children if they can.........

If you are inclined, please say a prayer for all of the people of Zimbabwe, to keep them safe and deliver them from the very difficult situation they find themselves in. They need our spiritual strength and moral support.

Read this News Flash From The Zimbabwe Situation Site. by - Dr John Sentamu - The Archbishop of York. I saw the program he talks about on TV last week and it has saddened me more than you know.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I've Just Got To Get a Message to You.....

Do you know there are some exceptionally lovely people visiting my blog? YOU - Yep that's right! I can tell by your comments just how thoughtful you are.

Last night before I went to sleep I read a couple of new comments that sent me to bed smiling to myself. "Incredible" I was thinking, "that some people can say such moving words to me". I went to sleep thinking "I owe you all a very special thank you"!

So with that thought still in mind, I am now awake, with a cup of coffee of course, and I just have to write this message to you all.

I started this blog on October 27th 2006, and I have shared so much and gained so much in return. You may ask - what have I gained? I have gained confidence, I have grown in enthusiasm, I have experienced joy in giving and sharing, I have been given a lot of encouragement, I have gained a little more self belief or self worth, and I have learned so much creatively - and that is an awful lot to be thankful for! So I am now practicing an attitude of gratitude, and I say thank you to all of you for the time you have taken to say your encouraging words. You have inspired me to keep on learning and experimenting. (Note added later - you cannot put a price on the things I have gained from you they are far too valuable!)

Today I woke up to a grey day weather-wise but I feel so warm basking literally in the sunshine of your friendliness!!

I have now browsed all my pages - read all your comments and because of this I have also checked that all the download links are still working!

My Readers Names - you have all left messages and brightened my day in so many different ways - you are all lovely!

Adriana (from Brazil), EAL, Avril, Paula, MM, Sue, Theresia, Linda, Cheryl L, Jaime.scraps, Ruby, Angela in NC, Kirsten, Cynthia, Tragedyanne, Vicki(Chickivaney),Tan, Chanda Indiana, Muriel, greyraven, Karen, Sandie, Dalene, Michelle (from Quebec), Chris, Jen, Karlene, Jane, Snug (from Denmark), Patty, annie, pwb, galtscrapper, Ginny, Kari, Kay, dixychik, DonnaC, M, Ronav, Joy, darlene, Grammadiane, annabel, oniska, noa, Pattycakes, sandy, Tracy S (Penguinluvr), -mo-, Anita Theuma, shirley, annabel, Fanette, valj, Diana, Patti, Cheryl H, Katie, Georgia Girl, Lorell, glo, Sharon, TexasHeart, sld, Todi, KEP, mand, Lady An, Leeanne, TKL, Ria, D, kruemelmai, jean, modgee, Loner, Lucy, Leslie, cherri, Helen-J, Claudia, Trish, Strawbearyred, Delsia, grams, Ana-Lyn, Ria, gizzy, LilyAnn, Retta, Sabrina, vickie, Pixie, Phyllis, Peggy, Opal, Patricia, Judy, Tracy, LD, dc, starr, screenstarr, Lucia, Isabel (from Belgium), AW, Barb, Carol, Trish, Grumpy, Ms Izzy, Ila, MiKiko, Mar Ann, Sandra, dazs, lies (from holland), Kay, Indra, louise, jenny, Cindy, zara, yey, Cher M, Addicted2Scrappin, mo, shya, Cindell, Autumn, Cher M, GoudyNY, wil, Anne-Marie, Meggsy, JoAnn, suavejett, Gro, jackie, AME, Debby, eka, Denny, Ally S, nana, Sany from MI, Momo, Michele, elle, karinkay, Tanzanite, feiticiera, gloria, Vinni, JI, gizzy, Heather, Brandster, Sansai, Scangel, Maria, Naughtrish, aslion, Linda (from Vegas), Knecht, Scrapcat4914, malrod, larkd, Embosje (from Netherlands), Elizabeth, blizzardstripes, lize, KathyA, Colleen, Nore, Olive, Jo, patk, ARL, Cyna, SmokeyX, Cat, Susan/shoe, Granny B, Barbara (from UK), Pene, Jade, MrsSW, dragonfly, Kat, A, luc, AlabamaStoneThrower, Beth, marilyn, Hannah, Stephanie, Joyce B, kaz, Sarebear, Priscilla Rocha (from Brasil), anneli, Lorraine, Carol, Lisa, momof2bigdogs, Char, pooh, Gina, Michelle, Diginan Liz, Dorothy, RhondaSue, Lynn, Hilmarose, Cra-Z-cat, Ruthie, Connie, tdavismtn, Caz, Kimberly, fearsangel3654, Muriel, Peggie, Starr-Ky, Sabrina, Jean Ann, Lidia(MomLid), gloria, Saskia, Catt, Terrie, bubba, cla,

Inspirational things my readers have said to me...
Theresia, Hello!! I think I am now all caught up on your journey! I have spent the whole evening reading your blog and downloading your gifts!! You are a tremendous creative powerhouse!! I wish you all the best in your adventure and your school! You are such an inspiration and so very talented! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!
I can't seem to get enough of your goodies!! I stopped by for one of your freebies and I've been here all night!! Thank you so very much for your generosity! You said that you create to unwind and I for one am so grateful that you your creativity benefits us so beautifully!! Happy Unwinding!!!!! Fantastic kit!! Your work is so great - Why aren't you featured in one of the shops - don't get me wrong - I love your freebies and I don't want you to stop but you have enough to go around!!! Your work is great - And I've paid for goodies that weren't up to your creative flair - I'm not being rude to anyone's work - I'm merely pointing out that yours is as good or better than any that I've seen. I don't know why you aren't a featured artist somewhere....(but I think I said that!)Thank you for ...
Sue, Your Sabi kit is simply delightful. I love the delicate colours and original designs. Your work shows that you are well travelled and the influence of your experiences brings freshness & originality to your kits. thank you for sharing what you do. I love looking at your site.
Angela in NC, Thank you so very much for sharing your awesome talent and your wonderful and absolutely awesome hard work!!!
Avril, TYSM Very moved by yesterday's blog. The elderly have so much to offer those that take the time to stop and listen. They need the likes of caring souls such as yourself.
Sandie, This is just such a beautiful kit!! I love everything that you've given to us for this kit, and it is so appreciated!! Thank you so much!! This is just beautiful!! Thank you so much for this great gift!!
Michelle (Quebec), Merci! Tout ce kit est vraiment fabuleux.
Joy, Gorgeous, really pretty, thanks so much it is kind of you to share them with us. Hugs xxxxxx
Grammadiane, LOL...this is Great...Thanx and Muah !!
TKL, your gmom was a beautiful lady.. she reminds me of my mom!! thank you for sharing.. God Bless
Isabel from Belgium, Thank you so much, your work is wonderful, I look forward doing nice scraps with your papers and elements! :-)
Anita Theuma, Oh how I miss Durbs. Thank you very much for sharing, it makes me homesick.
Julie, This blue kit is just gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work...and just so you know, I'll be CERTAIN to let everyone know just WHO created these beautiful pieces of art, when I make a layout! Thank you!
Knecht,I want to leave you a big THANK YOU for this kit! My husband served a two year mission and most of it was spent in Africa. I wanted to scrap some of his pictures for him...but I could never find that "Africa" inspired stuff to match the feel of his pictures! This is PERFECT!
Embosje (Netherlands), Just found your site and have downloaded ALL the African kits. They are F A N T A S T I C and I want to thank you for them. Very much appreciated. :-D
lize, thanks so much for your african sets. I am from south africa and simply adore your sets.......specially the Ndbele art one. thanks so much for sharing
Elizabeth, This is so beautiful! thanks so much for sharing I love african art,history,and culture and this kit is just perfect!! :-)
Jo, I just wanted to let you know that I love your work and your style, and you are definitely on my favorites list! Thanks so much for sharing your work ... it is very much appreciated! Hugs, Jo
Cyna, U hebt unieke idee├źn. Dank u voor het delen van deze uitrusting.
jen, Gorgeous kit! thanks so much! love the vibrant colors and attention to detail! WOW
Cra-Z-cat,i am so loving this kit.. fantastic colors and ur elements are beautiful.. love the designs on ur papers too.. thanks for a wonderful piece of art.. ur great!!
Autumn,Thank you so much for sharing your creative talent and hard work so freely.
I can't wait to look my goodies over and get some ideas of what I will do with them.
I appreciate your generosity,

Guilty of Day Dreaming

Incredible Things I have learned from you (smiles)

Some of you have read my WHOLE blog!
Some of you really do think I am creative and talented!
Some of you would actually pay for my work!
Some of you think I create pieces of art!
Some of you think I am original and have unique ideas!
Some of you think my Wonderful Waste Of Time is not a waste of time at all!

Keep it coming - I might believe you all soon and it's your fault I am guilty of daydreaming of doing this 24/7 - I wish I could!
Have a great day all xoxoxo pat/PCArt

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I must be doing something right

I had a very difficult and sad night at work. I came home on the verge of tears, they are bubbling below the surface even now as I write.

Perhaps I am just a little tired or overwhelmed by the emotions that need to be controlled within myself. Caring for the frail and elderly and those with dementia or Alzheimer's or those who are seriously in need of TLC in their last days, hours or minutes can be such an emotional strain.

I love my work, and am committed to offering the best most sensitive care that I can possibly give, and yet, sometimes I think I can't go on doing this.

There is so much joy in doing what I do too, the incredible little conversations that I can have with those in my care, the amazing life stories, the funny moments when someone does or says something I would never have expected them to, are priceless.

The words of thanks, the kisses blown to me, the smiles, the eyes that brighten when we greet, the little hand holds they offer me, and the feeling of being needed - are the reasons I continue to do what I do, and I know, I must be doing something right.

Then, I come home feeling so drained and sad - and read my e-mails and the comments and messages left by you, my readers, and I smile, I feel appreciated, I feel a sense of achievement because of your thoughtfulness. Thank you for all the messages, I appreciate them all.

Art was always my first love even though I may never be renowned - I still follow the path of creativity that is within me. Your kind words inspire me to continue, your encouragement makes me realise again, I must be doing something right.

I know inside of me that I am improving and learning every day, both in my work and in my art.

Thank you for brightening my day xoxoxox pat/PCArt