Thursday, August 30, 2007

Colorize Old Photograph

I did this a long time ago and was hunting high and low for the new tutorial link which I have now found. Colorizing an image. There are lots of different tutorials about now so do a search if you fancy doing some colorizing yourself.
This is a photo of my paternal Grandmother Violet Margaret(Frederickson)Stevens (about 1909-1982)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Waiting for her name

We are waiting to hear from Sharon what her little angel's name is officially but a little birdie told me it might be Ruby and here is her first photo that was sent to me from her new mommy's cel phone, on her very first tag ever - made by Adriana - (Tag by adrianatenreiro/ kits- Thaty Borges...Chloes Curls doodles...Car Baby Anni.. Kit CZS/ tube by gorjuss) Thank you Adriana it is precious!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Elvis Presley - Vinyl LP

Here I made a mini layout in remembrance of Elvis Presley,
tutorial for sequins
To create the LP I used Paint Shop Pro and the above tutorial for sequins and then I duplicated and adjusted layers - I also used reflection effects/feedback and then layer blends and Greg's pool shadow - it finally worked for me. Click on image for a larger view.
Here is my LP in PNG format.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Photo Restoration

I am pleased with the way this turned out. I took the old damaged photo of my father and restored it using various retouch tools and layer blends in Paint Shop Pro.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Visiting London

I had a couple of days holiday at the end of June and enjoyed my first visit to London, I did the typical tourist thing and went to as many places as I could and walked a lot, taking photo's along the way just like dozens of other obvious tourists were doing all around me. I also learned a bit about travelling on the Underground and discovered it is not as daunting as I had imagined it would be. It really is marvellous, quick and convenient and the price of an all day ticket is a bargain. I copied a postcard I bought to create my postcard on this layout. The original was black with white frames and obviously had 9 different images on it. I have saved the template I made for the postcard and will post it later as a freebie.
All the photo's are my own. The London Underground map and the postcard back are images that I scanned. The coin is also scanned and tubed and the Underground sign was vectored by me, I had to borrow the word from another image as I did not have the correct font for it. Anyway I will post a little about my London visit and more images tomorrow.

London Visit Day 3


The Sun is shining hooray and it will be an excellent day for walking!

Took the tube on the Jubilee line from North Greenwich Station near The Millennium Dome and went to Bond Street, from there walked a lot again. I went to Piccadilly Circus, walked down Regent Street, Oxford Street in The City of Westminster, where there are over 300 stores and a lot of huge brand names, it is Europe's largest shopping street.

I visited Carnaby Street in Soho, and numerous other places. I loved the wall painting about Soho above the Hugo shop. I was a little disappointed when I did not find a 60's shop in Carnaby street, but I did go into a lot of shops to look at the vast range of fashions available and there were some very well known brands around. I bought a few little gifts in Carnaby Street for my daughters. I always need coffee so had a few coffee breaks at Starbucks and other places. In London there seems to be a Starbucks on every other corner!

At Leicester Square a very dainty and pretty Chinese woman was sitting on the edge of a step adjusting her shoes, her companion was down on his haunches to be at her level, he was taking photo's of her with a very expensive looking camera, a pigeon was pecking for scraps and cooing as it walked along the pavement towards her. I watched with amusement because she appeared to be afraid of the pigeon and in her high toned little Chinese voice she was protesting about the bird coming too close to her and her companion almost toppled over laughing.

Then there were two artists were doing portraits and I stopped to watch them work. One was doing caricatures and people were laughing and enjoying how he was portraying them. The other artist was doing pastel portraits and there were twin sisters, very beautiful and tanned American ladies with pretty smiles, brunette hair and sparkling blue eyes, he was doing a portrait of both.
I first saw when he was busy drawing the first one.

I crossed the street and stopped at a corner cafe for coffee. While I was there I sat at a table outside right on the corner. The pavement was cordoned off and artificial lawn was stretched out over the paving. I stayed there for some time watching all the people walking by. I love watching people, looking at their expressions on their faces, seeing the style in which they dress, looking at how unique each and every person is. While I sipped my coffee and enjoyed the sun shining, I looked around Leicester Square at the coffee shops and food shops scattered around the square. I saw a workman busily adjusting a giant billboard for the new Shrek movie up on the wall outside the cinema. When I was finished I went past the pastel artist again and he was adding the second sister to the paper, they looked absolutely awesome! He had gathered quite a large audience who were all impressed with his work, and I wondered which sister would be keeping the portrait?

On Waterloo Place At the junction of lower Regents Street and Pal Mal, I looked at the Crimean War Memorial, a monument to honour and remember Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War.

At Piccadilly Circus I stopped to see the Giant neon sign which many tourists were photographing, this area used to have neon signs on all the building surrounding it but now only has them on one building. I admired the Shaftesbury Monument Memorial Fountain it has Alfred Gilbert's winged nude statue on top of it which is sometimes referred to as The Angel of Christian Charity and more popularly referred to as Eros, it was one of the first statues to be cast in aluminium.

Continued walking and wandering and somehow ended up at St.James Park again.

There were photographers and security about. A helicopter was hovering continuously high above. The flags were being raised high all the way down both sides of The Mal. Once again I had stumbled upon something unexpected. I had not been taking note of the news and it was the time for the old Prime Minister to step down and for the new Prime Minister to take charge of his duties. All the flags and cameras were there to acknowledge and photograph Gordon Brown as he drove down the street as the new Prime minister of England. I took a photo of him as he went by in his red car, but unfortunately a lady with a shopping bag stepped in front of my view so I missed him!

I had a very enjoyable time in London, it was a wonderful experience and I look forward to doing it again as there is so much more that I would like to see.

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London Visit Day 2


Still raining - caught a bus just a few minutes walk down the road, to the East Greenwich Station and then caught the Underground to Waterloo Station.

From there to see the London Eye. The Eye stands is 135 metres high on the South Bank between Waterloo and Westminster Bridges, it is opposite Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and the views over central London and beyond are fantastic. Wow, I really enjoyed my "flight" on the London Eye, but as luck would have it, the batteries in my camera decided to go flat right there and I got no photos to show, so more reason to go back and do it all again someday.

Next on my journey plan was to go across the Westminster bridge to see Big Ben and the Parliament buildings, and Westminster Abbey, then to St James's Park and Buckingham Palace.

While crossing the bridge I was stopped by two women selling sad little tissue flowers with tin-foil stems for a Pound each "to save the children" and I thought to myself yeah right it looks very official...well anyway, I wonder how much money they made that day, a lot of people gave them a Pound and took the paper flowers away.

I came to a corner stall selling London curios and got some new batteries for my camera and then at another I bought an umbrella. I bought the cheapest one there as I have two umbrellas at home but regretted my choice because the first time I used it a little gust of wind turned the umbrella inside out! I had to continue using it in the rain and it was useful, but I had to hold it with two hands, one on the handle and one to hold the edge down.

Armed with new batteries in my camera, I was on a mission to get some pictures of anything I fancied photographing.

On the way to the palace I took some photo's of the end of the changing of the guards. Had I known what time it all happened I would have been there earlier, but seeing them as I did, unexpectedly was a bonus.

At Buckingham Palace the flags were all flying which indicated that the Queen was at home. Hundreds of tourists were milling about and taking photo's and posing at the gates and opposite at the monument.

I was also keen to take a few pictures and was waiting patiently to get a close up of the gates and I was watching the sentry's doing their routine at the palace archways. They stand at their boxes either side of the arches. Two arches and four sentries. Well I saw the routine at each arch was for them to stand at their station for a while, then march a few strides away in opposite directions, then turn and march back, stand a while and then march towards each other, crossing the archway as they crossed in front of the arch, three of the Queen's Corgis suddenly came racing out barking at the sentries and then just as suddenly they disappeared. It really was quite funny to see, especially when the tourists that heard the barking ran towards the gate with their cameras at the ready, shouting "The corgis!" I doubt that anyone caught a photo of them because they were gone so quickly.

It was also interesting to see ordinary things happen like the newspaper being delivered to the palace gate and someone waiting to receive it. The Royal Mail was delivering mail too, the only difference was instead of the mail being delivered by a mailman on a bicycle it was delivered in minivan and I thought - oh my goodness what a lot of mail arrives there. I am glad I don't have that to deal with on a daily basis. Although sometimes when I decide to open my e-mails it does seem as if a truckload has arrived!

I was witnessing just another ordinary day at the palace, and I wondered if the Queen was behind a lace curtain at one of the many windows occasionally looking out at us.

There must be a spectacular view from the upper palace windows because, down on the ground and up on the steps of the Victoria Memorial, I could see the London Eye and Big Ben in the distance.

The Victoria Memorial stands in front of the heavy black and gold gates at Buckingham Palace, at the centre of Queen's Gardens.
I walked around the memorial looking at all the beautiful sculptures around it. It has a large statue of Queen Victoria facing north-eastwards towards The Mall. The Mall is the long street you often see in the news with ceremonial processions. The other sides of the monument feature statues of the Angel of Justice facing toward Green Park, the Angel of Truth and Charity facing Buckingham Palace. At the top is Victory. St James Park is on the south side of the Mal and Green Park is on the north.

I went for a walk through Green Park. It was late afternoon and there were many people strolling and others relaxing on the grass enjoying the brief sunshine. There was a food and drinks stall near one of the gates where I had had a cup of coffee, and then went down into Green Park station and back to East Greenwich and then a bus home.

London Visit Day 1

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This Scrap Page is my own creation, the Clock Brush is from Dozi's Scraps her link is on the left of my blog.

A leisurely visit to Greenwich where I stood on the time line and then browsed around inside the observatory, from the platform outside the observatory I saw a panoramic view of all of London and beyond. I could see The Dome off to my right and looked down the hill to "The Queen's House" which is used as a gallery for Maritime art. Beyond the house is the Maritime Museum on the bank of the Thames.

It is quite a long distance from the observatory so took a walk down the hill on tree lined paths to the house. There was a little squirrel playing hide and seek as I walked along, it crept along near me hiding behind trees and then peeping at me the same as I was peeping at it. It was so cute to watch. Halfway to the house the rain started to fall again and of course I did not have an umbrella with me so got quite soaked, the trees did offer some protection and I was thankful for them. Made a mental note to buy an umbrella.

The building is being renovated at the moment and is purposely not furnished. It was at one time but the cost of keeping it authentic and preserving original antique fabrics was too high. Later an experiment was made using more modern furnishings to try and express visually what the various rooms were used for, but the modernised look did not go down well with visitors. It was then decided to use the house as a gallery and to leave it unfurnished, which only makes all the rooms seem even larger and the ceilings to appear even higher. As I walked through all the enormous rooms and fireplaces so large I thought I could probably stand inside them, and looking at equally enormous paintings, I imagined what Alice In Wonderland felt like when she ate the snack and became very small.

On that thought I realised I was hungry and it was definitely time for coffee before attempting the long hard walk all the way back up that hill! Inside the restaurant near to the house it was warm and comfortable but the prices there were sky high. I guess if you have the only food and drink facility there and it's a fair distance to the top of the hill before finding another place, you can practically charge what you like! Well I mournfully paid the price of the dear sandwich and coffee .... bliss at almost any price.
On leaving the restaurant I was happy to find that sun was shining for the uphill journey.

Went to the Odeon at Greenwich in the evening and saw Pirates Of The Caribbean - At World's End. I enjoyed the first film more than the last two.