Envelope Tutorial

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Tutorial Note

Working on an 8 inch x 8 inch canvas for space
I made the envelope approximately 16cm x 11cm at 300 pixels per inch
applied texture old paper at default setting but changed the size to 300 and depth to 6
Add a slight bevel to the card and envelope
You could use your lighten and darken tool to give a bit more dimension to the edges of the envelope and card
Merge when satisfied and crop to size.
Image shown at 72 pixels per inch and 600 pixels x 600 pixels Smart Size
xoxoxo pat


Colourful Grunge Paper

Colourful Grunge Paper

Below are the directions:-

Working on a 12" x 12" 300 pixels per inch canvas.
There are 8 different layers in Paintshop Pro and the layers have different Layer Properties from top to bottom. You can also see the different images used.

To change the colouration below:-

Open the merged colourful image and copy to paste as a new image into your workspace.
Close the original colourful image.
Change the image in your workspace to Greyscale
Increase the colour depth to 8 bits.
Apply a pink overlay or color of your choice and adjust the opacity of this layer.
Added the fern and clock face to the sides.

Basic Window Frame Template

I created this window frame image in Paintshop Pro it is 554 pixels x 554 pixels at 300 pixels per inch in .PNG format.

The window frame template is being shared for free for you to decorate and use any way you like.

To download the frame Template - Right click on the image below to open in a new window and then save to your PC for use in Paintshop Pro

It would be great if you would like to share your results using this window frame
in our Facebook group


Make your own Greeting Cards

Here is an easy tutorial link to make your own A5 size greeting cards to print on card stock

This is my result resized to view on line but the original prints perfectly onto a landscape oriented A4 size card stock. (when folded in half it would be size A5)

I hope you enjoy making your own cards.

Folded Paper Corners or Rolled Edges

Folded corners or edges

Note from Pat

For this example above you will need  two layers of paper or two different colours or patterns.

Follow steps 1 to 4 as shown in the example above - cutting and pasting the pieces onto a new layer each time.

Once everything is in position - (I have used lines to show the pieces up)

Then you can start applying shadows and use the warp tool or warp brush to alter the fold slightly.


Take a real piece of paper and fold the corner down and up again and see how it lays.

If it is soft paper or tissue it can stretch slightly it may even curl a bit.

Instead of using negative image to change the colour of your first cut piece, try colorizing it.

See another example tutorial here at Tutorials.


To Insert Paper Clip

See this tutorial on YouTube

Easy tutorial to follow to make your paper clips hold your tags

Blank Calendar Grid

Here is a Blank Calendar Grid to decorate and add your own days, dates and numbers as you desire in your graphics program.

Using Paintshop Pro, I created this calendar grid in .png format at 300 pixels per inch and the dimensions are 2100 pixles x 1500 pixels.

To download - right click on the image to open in a new window and then save it to your computer.
FREE to use as you wish.


Colourize Old Photograph

This was a lovely exercise changing a black and white photo to colour.

Colourizing an image.

There are lots of different tutorials about now so do a search if you fancy doing some colourizing yourself.

Violet Margaret (Frederickson) Stevens (1909-1982)


Lucky Trolls Tutorial by C S Green

Making this troll was a lot of fun!
Tutorial by C S Green
it would be a cute addition to a kiddie layout :)
I worked on a 300 pixels per inch Canvas
Hair was drawn with gradient fills
Pen Tool - Freehand - Tracking 70 - Create on vector - Width 1 - Anti-Alias Selected
to make the blue one - then colourized for the green and orange.
xoxoxo pat

Fill a Shape with Text in Paint Shop Pro

Fill a Shape with Text in Paint Shop Pro

How to wrap text inside a shape

With the one above I selected my text when I was done and used the spray gun to paint over the words, it looks kind of grungy now.

With this one I played a bit longer to get the text positioned exactly as I wanted it in the heart and then played with what I have learned from 36 Glitter Elements and this Cardboard Tag (Video) tutorial, and the vellum tip from J. below.

You will need Mura Meister Clouds available here

1. Start with a blank transparent canvas, size up to you.

2. Set your foreground color to black and background color to white.

3. Go to Mura Meister Clouds under your filter directory and just apply the default settings.

4. Apply a gaussian blur of around 50.

5. Then adjust the opacity to around 22 or whatever looks good to you and voila, vellum. You can even add a poolshadow if you wish. J.