All about the heart font

All about the Heart Font

Create a Valentine Tag or Card with Word Art

Use  KR All about the heart - Free for Personal for your chosen heart design.

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Candy Love Hearts

I made these hearts each on 600 x 600 canvas in Paint Shop Pro
see circle and heart on background of this image
using preset shape heart
Various candy type colours
Arial Font 22 points
Eye Candy Extrude - experiment with settings
Add Noise

Lets see what you make :)




Copy the layout above to create a Scraplift Layout of your choice, using your own elements and images or if you use items from someone else - please credit them as I have done below.

Pressed flowers from Dozibaer - Her link is on the side bar

I "trace-painted" the centre picture of Violets using ART RAGE.

As always if you need help let me know by email.

The rest of the scrapping elements etc, were created in Paintshop Pro.

What is Scraplifting?
Scraplifting: Copying one or more design elements (title, page layout, etc.) from someone's layout and using it for your own scrapbook pages. Fairly common among scrappers, especially when suffering from Scrapper's Block. As the saying goes... "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery."

Scraplifting Etiquette:
Personally I would not CASE a layout "Copy and Steal Everything"
Better to use a layout as an inspiration and then use your own ideas and scraps to make it your own.

Layouts using Overlays

Layouts Using Blending Overlays in PSP

I strayed away from the tutorial slightly but had fun just the same
The photo was taken by one of my nephews.


Knitted Hedgehog

Knitted Hedgehog

The hedgehog was created from a tutorial which appears to no longer be available.

Use the knit stitch fill pattern to fill the shape of the hedgehog, then colourise.

Use the WARP tool to expand on the tummy and face and animal fur generator brush for the fur

Draw a Pencil

by PCArt 01 March 2009

Open New Image
4 inches x 1 inch at 300 pixels per inch

Foreground #afb0ff and Fill #8080ff
Click on fill colour and choose gradient foreground background
Repeat 1 Linear invert Angle 0
the darker shade should be outside and lighter shade inside

Preset Shapes Rectangle
Draw out an oblong shape to represent your pencil shaft

New Layer
Preset shapes Elipse - draw out an elipse to fit the end of your pencil

New Layer - Pencil Point
Preset Shape Triangle draw out a small triangle with your fill colour
Rotate 90 degrees left all layers un checked.
Place in position at the point of your pencil leave a little space for the wood

New Layer - Pencil Wood
Selections Freehand Point to point
draw in your wood and fill with a wood colour and add noise if you wish

Merge Visible

Decorate as you please

Made in Paint Shop Pro XI


Drawing a gradient Rose in Paint Shop Pro XI
by PCArt 04 June 2009

Open a New Image 600 pixels x 600 pixels at 300 pixels per inch

To start off..........
Set your foreground colour to #fdb9bb
Set your background to #8a191b

Set your Gradient to Sunburst
Center point Horizontal 78
Center Point Vertical 41
Focal Point Horizontal 27
Focal Point Vertical 76

Using your pen tool Freehand
Tracking 82
Anti Alias checked
Line Width 0
Connect segments checked
Create on Vector checked

Draw irregular shaped (circles?)
decreasing in size each on a new layer
and going to your gradient and inverting
and un inverting on each alternate layer
Then add a shadow beneath each "petal" layer

Expirement with other colours and gradient positions - and see what you can create.
Try adjusting the brightness and contrast on a few layers too.
Add more definition and depth by using your lighten/darken tool on the petals.

You have a Rose!

Lady Bugs


This ladybug was created Using Paint Shop Pro XI

This is only a guide to help you make your own

Effects / Artistic Effects / Balls and Bubbles
I have added my settings to Digital Scrapping Class Folders,
which if you choose to use them need to go in your PRESETS folder.

Head and Eyes - Balls and Bubbles - Preset  AND Body - Balls and Bubbles - Preset
send me an email and I will send you the presets.

Use the deformation tool or Pick tool to make the red ball oval.
Place the black ball below the red one and reduce in size.
duplicate and reduce a lot more for the eyes.
Draw the legs, antennae and dividing line for wings with your pen tool.

Decorate with Hearts with preset shapes.

SHAPE - Single Ball or Bubble - Maximum size

SURFACE - Black - Opacity 100 - Shininess 75 - Gloss 61

MAPS - nothing selected

ILLUMINATION - Ambience maximum 100 and minimum 22

colour #404040 - Highlight size 59 - back light not checked

The red setting is the same as the black one

the only difference is the Surface colour is red.

Font fun

Using the Font Aierbazzi
by Roberto Cecchi

Find Aierbazzi.ttf at this link

Create your own masterpiece, it can be a tag, or paper, or "painting", a tree, bouquet, accent, underwater scene, jungle scene, fantasy, grunge, overlay, picture frame or anything you want. There is a different image for each letter of the alphabet, you will need to increase your font size to at least 200 points or 800 pixels to get the sizes above. The owl is from AEZ Owls for Traci also available at

Please feel free to show off your results at Art & Digital Art Friends on Facebook 😁😁😁

xoxoxo pat/PCArt

Diploma Seal

Diploma Seal
by PCArt

Open New Image 800 x 800 pixels at 300 pixels per inch

Preset Shape Starburst

Fill Colour of your choice I used #9f2123
Effects 3D effects Inner bevel
Bevel round Width 2 Smoothness 9 Depth 2 Ambience 0 Shininess 0 Colour white Angle 315 Intensity 50 Elevation 30

New Layer - Preset Shape Circle Fill Colour of your choice I used #9f2123
Effects 3D effects Inner Bevel
Bevel round Width 2 Smoothness 9 Depth 2 Ambience 0 Shininess 0 Colour white Angle 315 Intensity 50 Elevation 30
Click on circle with magic wand, effects plugins and use Gregs Pool Shadow
Settings - Diagonal 55 Centre 113 Horizontal 39 Diagonal 50 Horizontal 30 Vertical 60 Intensity 9 Lightness 127 OK

New Layer - Add wording and detail of your choice - same colour as seal
Apply Inner Bevel as before.

Add Ribbon of your choice

Made in Paint Shop Pro XI

If I can help let me know