Place Mat or Memo board

Use your imagination to create your own beautiful Place Mats or memo board!

Open a new canvas in Paintshop Pro 11 inches x 8,5 inches @ 300 pixels per inch.

Use a decorative Brush or Ding to decorate & repeat and rotate to get the different angles down the right side and bottom - then duplicate - mirror and flip to match the other side.

For the centre - Use Preset shape rectangle, no fill, line style dashed, width 7 to create the stitched edges.
Net pattern for the netting.
Heart shape with cut-out for the hearts.
I used a free Dover black and white pattern to create the central design which I coloured and bevelled. Use this  Quick stitch font for the wording.

Laminate your design on cardstock.
Or create a Laminated Dry Wipe Memo Board
(Write notes on it with a White Board Marker) From your 8,5 inch x 11 inch layout.


Nema said...

Pat, I left a challenge for you on my blog. Come take a look-see.

Janessamarie86 said...

Thank you so much for all of your hard work! you have an award waiting for you on my blog.