Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quick Bow by PCArt

Quick Bow
by PCArt 30 July 2008

For this tutorial you need AvBros. Page Curl Pro 2.1

Save the Preset
PCAbowRaff1.avcps From our Digital Scrapping Class Files) to your AvBros. Folder or desktop - somewhere where you can find it.

Make Ribbon
New Canvas size 1207 x 81 pixels at 300 pixels per inch
fill with colour or pattern of choice.
Copy and paste as a new layer on a
New canvas 1304 x 551 pixels at 300 pixels per inch
Apply Effects / Plugins / Av Bros. / AvBros. Page Curl Pro 2.1
Click on Main - Load Settings Relative - Find and select the Preset PCAbowRaff1.avcps - Open - Apply
Duplicate layer - Image / mirror - Image / Flip
and move into position, crop Image arrange and decorate as you like.
Quick and easy - have fun

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lucky Trolls Tutorial by C S Green

Making this troll was a lot of fun!
Tutorial by C S Green
it would be a cute addition to a kiddie layout :)
I worked on a 300 pixels per inch Canvas
Hair was drawn with gradient fills
Pen Tool - Freehand - Tracking 70 - Create on vector - Width 1 - Anti-Alias Selected
to make the blue one - then colourized for the green and orange.
xoxoxo pat

Friday, July 18, 2008

Challenge Week One - July

Monthly Challenge ~ July 2008 ~ Multi Pictures

This is my result of the Week One Challenge for July, from Caz.
Message from Caz

Monthly Challenge ~ July 2008 ~ Multi Pictures

Here we are again on the edge of a new month, so here is my layout challenge for you all ... Make a layout using 3 or more pictures.

Here is how it will work :
The first week of every month I will give you a theme, and you will scrap a layout around that theme. When you are ready, you can create a preview to post to the group. Please observe the maximum posting size :
no larger than 72 pixels per inch (dpi) 600 x 600 pixels smart size

Firstly ... I just want to say that this challenge is only for fun ~ you don't have to do it ~ if you decide to have a go at one, you are not committed to do any more.

Secondly ... It is a good idea to make yourself a folder, somewhere on your PC where you can find it easily, and name it Themed Layout Challenges. As the months go by you can add sub-folders inside with the date/name of your layout, so you can keep everything together.

Thirdly ... It would be great practice for you to make your own papers, elements, layouts etc., using tutorials ~ but you don't have to! You can use any freebies you may have collected or have been shared through the group.

Fourth ... When I post the Challenge I will include a layout I've made which will further explain the Theme. I will also point you in the right direction for suitable tutorials.

Finally ~ Have Fun ~ Enjoy Yourself ~ Take Your Time & Don't Stress

Helpful Hints

Our theme for this month "Multi Pictures" can be on any subject you like, as long as you use 3 or more pictures. Make sure you put each photo on it's own layer, so you can keep moving them about until you are satisfied with your layout. You can add journaling if you want to, but it's not necessary for the challenge.

For further inspiration (should you need it) I have attached an LO I scrapped for an Xmas Challenge at Gotta Pixel. "I'm Dreaming of a ..." was our theme. I've also attached a text file with the Credits.

Still stuck? Try Lessons 12, 13, 31 or 44 Listed at our Website

Credits - July 2008 Challenge - Multi Pictures

My example layout - Hot! Hot! Hot!

I used pieces from the PDW Challenge mini kits: Paper & Envelope by Michelle Swadling, Tag from Snowflake Delight by Stacy Carlson, Gotta Pixel; Star Overlay & Cat from Season's Greetings by Jude Reid, Plain Digital Wrapper.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thanks for the Acknowledgement

Thank you
Miss Daisy

for choosing my blog as one of your Award Choices. Thanks for the Acknowledgement

The rules are:
1. Put the award logo on your blog.
2. Link the person who gave this award.
3. Choose 7 other bloggers and link them
4. Leave a comment on the chosen blogs.

My Seven are:

1. Shera -
2. Witchy -
3. Melissa -
4. Judy -
5. Angie -
6. Vanessa -
7. Pipi -

Friday, July 11, 2008

Autumn Scrap Freebie

Here is my Autumn (Leaf Party) Kit

It Is Autumn Somewhere!

My oh my did I have fun making these bits and pieces for you! Satisfied sigh.....and I am happy to showcase it again, and yes I know it is almost Spring in my part of the world but, it is Autumn somewhere! Now I MUST go and sleep as I have to work again tonight, my third night of four. I hope you enjoy this part HERE of the kit! It was almost Autumn where I am when I was creating this kit, and then as if to confirm that Autumn really was here - a little grey squirrel came into my postage stamp sized back garden, he (I am presuming it was a he)ran all around the perimeter of the garden, peeping into nooks and crannies as he went, probably looking for places to hide his winter food, and then just as quickly went out the gate and was gone. I hope he decides to come back some time! Remember you can click on the image to see a larger preview.
......hi Avril, thanks for this comment LOL - "I should be out in the garden sweeping up leaves for real, but then, that would be such a complete waste of time. ROFL. I much prefer reaping your latest creations. TYSM".

Here is Part Three of the elements for Autumn Leaf Party Kit, just a few things to help embellish your Autumn scrap pages.

This is my Autumn(Leaf Party)Kit!
Download the Elements Here, Papers Part 1 Here and Papers Part 2 Here

Digital Scrapping Class

Invitation to Digital Scrapping Class

This is a Fun and Relaxed Learning group

Do you want to learn to make your own Digital Scrapping papers, elements and embellishments? Then please go to the Join Link at the side of this page.

Digital Scrapping Class

Digital Scrapping with Paint Shop Pro

This is one of the items I am particularly interested in getting from Scrap Girls!
Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed: Paint Shop Pro (PSP) X

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Objects Convert To Path (TEXT)

Objects Convert To Path
Paint Shop Pro XI
by PCArt)

I used the vector paint script and vector tube scripts on the text above.

You Need
Vector Paint Script
Unzip your Paint script and place it in your Scripts Restricted Folder.
Vector Tube - The tube version of this script.

Read the instructions at the download on how to use your scripts.

Try Doing Lesson 36 as well.

I use Paint Shop Pro XI.

For the Glitter Text

1) Open a New Image
2) Select your glitter fill and open in your work space
3) Select your paint brush** learn about this in Lesson 36
4) On your new image write your text "Create as Vector" selected
5) Go to Objects/Convert to path
6) Run your Vector Paint Script.

If the result is too large or too small - UNDO - and adjust your size or step - and run the script again.

Your painted layer will be on your Stroked Objects Layer.

You can now delete your Vector layer.

**You need to follow this tutorial to familiarise yourself with the process of making glitter elements
Tutorial - Creating Glitter Elements
(by Tracey Renemo) Unfortunately sometimes the images are not there.
You can read my notes Here at Lesson 36.

For The Beaded Text

1) Open a New Image
2) Select your Tube
3) On your new image write your text "Create as Vector" selected
4) Go to Objects/Convert to path
5) Run your Vector Tube Script.

If the result is too large or too small - UNDO - and adjust your size or step - and run the script again.

Your tubed layer will be on your Stroked Objects Layer.

You can now delete your Vector layer.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Challenge - Colour Palette July

This Challenge from Grace was fun to do, I did not follow the tutorial link she gave but did a kind of scraplift from there.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday - Jewelled Gold Cross

Jeweled Gold Cross using Super BladePro
by Karen Stimson/Wool Sweater Street

Tutorial Link

Tutorial Note
There are two sets of Super BladePro presets to download plus the .psd cross
which does work in Paint Shop Pro. I used another preset from her set for the centre of the cross.
I hope you enjoy my tutorial choice for this Tuesday, posting early as I have a hectic schedule tomorrow.
xoxoxox pat

I'd be delighted to have you share the link, Pat! Thanks bunches!
Thanks again--
Karen Undergoing Maintenance
Thank you Karen for this tutorial and for allowing it to be shared in our group.
Presets are usually posted in .zip file form, so you will need WinZip or another zip utility to unzip them.
Click on the file to download it.
Put the zip file on your Desktop to easily find it.
Once downloaded, unzip the files to your BladePro environments and textures folder
Preset .zip files usually contain the .q5q or .q9q files and any bitmaps needed to produce the effect.

Digital Scrapping Class - Lesson 50

Abstract, Grunge Paper
By Tracey Rennemo 2006

Here is my colourful Grunge Paper Result

This is how I did it

Here I changed the merged image to Greyscale then increased the colour depth to 8 bits again then applied a pink overlay made a few additions and texture to it.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Blue Sapphire Scrap Freebie

Just a little gift Six Papers, some giant jewelled paperweights, and a few other little goodies. Click on the image for a larger preview. Image is shown proportionately as if displayed at 12 inches by 12 inches.

Indigo and Lapis Lazuli Scrap Freebie

Indigo and Lapis Lazuli are such great colours particularly if you love blue as I do, so I decided to make a few papers in those shades. I made them in January 2008. I hope you enjoy this Freebie Have an enjoyable day.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Digital Scrapping Class - Lesson 49

Digital Scrapping Class
Lesson 49
Text on a Path (and Reverse Text)
By Zee Helmick

Reverse Text on a path from Corel

Text On A Path in PSP 9 by SuzShook

Tutorial Note
The only thing I can say here is read the tutorial carefully - it is easy if you do.

I did this in Paint Shop Pro XI, also played again with the Glitter Fill Tut from Shawna and the Glass from the glass stones tutorial from Lesson 6 by Lori.