Friday, June 27, 2008

Garden Scrap Freebie

Elements in PNG format at 300 dpi
12"x 12" Layout size
4 papers in .jpg format.
5 flower and 1 leaf jewels.
3 tags, 1 blue mat, 1 eyelet, 1 ribbon, 1 bow, 1 large flower detail,
1 small flower detail,
1 7inch x 5inch Frame, 1 63mm x 80mm Frame.
Photograph of white flower only in previews
copyright to my sister Sharon VZ of Lamberts Bay.

Get the Elements Here


Paper Here

xoxoxo pat/PCArt

Bright Flowers Scrap Freebie

Collect your Freebie

My Sample Layout

I used a collection of paint shop pro painted flowers that I have made over the years as my subject. I played with the art media layer again to create my paper. I made kaliedoscope patterns and glassed them with eye candy.

Fonts used, Garamond and CK Cursive

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Old Paper by Shawna

Old Paper by Shawna

Tutorial Link

TOU from Shawna
If you do this tutorial, your end result is yours to do whatever you wish; give it away as a freebie, use it as part of a kit, or sell it for profit. A mention or a link back here would be appreciated but is not mandatory.

Life is a Beach

I made this layout as a memento to my youngest daughter Chantel from the year she worked on a cruise ship for six months.
I used the Life is a Beach word art which was a cute freebie that co-ordinates with the Beachin Collection Biggie which can be bought from Scrap Girls.
I thought it was so appropriate because while she was on the working cruise there was a serious weather condition in that area and at that time Chantel turned 21 and also became ill, and ended up in hospital for an operation all alone in Miami, thousands of miles away from any family. Life is a Beach - She's so much braver than me!

ScrapGirls Ro has left a new comment on your post "Life is a Beach":

I think this layout of your daughter Chantel is beautiful. Valerie would be so tickled to see how wonderfully you have used her kit. I especially like the effect in which you've used rickrack to hold things together. I get the feeling that you were visiting South Beach and came home with some nice photos, post cards, and other memorabilia. And then you made a layout that shows it off perfectly.

Great work!!


Beautiful Grunge

This is my idea of "Beautiful Grunge" what would you call it?
Available here from Scrap Girls
Faded Beauty
I made this layout of my daughter Leticia using the paper SNU_FadedBeauty_PaperSpecial from the kit and a few of my own bits and pieces from my Flowers'n Fluff Members Kit I used the layout idea by Laurel Lakey as a guide.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Challenge Week One - June

Summer Outings

On a rare sunny day we visited Sea Palling and just walked everywhere.

Week Three Challenge - June

Above is my result and below the original idea
Scraplift Idea from:

What is Scraplifting?
Scraplifting: Copying one or more design elements (title, page layout, etc.) from someone's layout and using it for your own scrapbook pages. Fairly common among scrappers, especially when suffering from Scrapper's Block. As the saying goes... "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery."
Scraplifting Etiquette:
Personally I would not CASE a layout "Copy and Steal Everything"
Better to use a layout as an inspiration and then use your own ideas and scraps to make it your own.
Read More Here:
Fan Tutorial Idea
Stained Glass Butterfly
Butterflies and leaves and flowers - Preset Shapes - filled with gradient
doodle - mouse drawn freestyle with a patterned line
Rose from - Public Domain

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Club Members - Fathers Day

Belt Detail not shown on above preview (does not include stitching)

Hello Club Members - Here is something new for you. Please visit

Father's Day Scrap Freebie 2

Papers 12 inch x 12 inch 300 pixels per inch .jpg
Elements 300 pixels per inch .png
Click on image for larger preview
Download Here

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Father's Day Scrap Freebie

Here I have made a sample layout dedicated to my father. The elements are available to you free I hope that you will enjoy them. All items were hand made by me or tubed by me using Paint Shop Pro. Please respect my Terms Of Use included with all my Freebies. All of the elements are made at 300dpi in PNG format and designed to use on a 12 inch x 12 inch page. You may download the elements HERE
Included in this package are the Corners, Dad Button, Vector drawn Keyring, Hub Frame, Multiframe,78 Vinyl Record (Tubed), RCACoin (Tubed),3 x chromed name plates.

Continuing with my Green Theme, I have made eight new papers for Fathers Day as you can see in this preview - all the papers are 12 inch x 12 inch 300 dpi and are in .jpg Format.
They are available in two downloads part one HERE and part two HERE

Sizing for Posting / Creating a Preview

Sizing for Posting / Creating a Preview

PC-ArtDSCKit1Prv.jpg - Click on image to see full size PREVIEW
weight for e-mail or web approximately 165kb

12 inch x 12 inch papers at 300 pixels per inch
Resized to
600 pixels x 600 pixels at 78 pixels per inch "smart size"
Elements resized to 17% or 20%

1 - Picture this.........

You have created a great collection of papers and elements and they are created for a 12 inch by 12 inch and 300dpi layout.

Now you want to show your kit to the world via e-mail or on the web but they are so huge!

Here is what to do.......This way you will maintain most of the detail and quality even though you are
downsizing everything.

2 - PAPERS - When you are satisfied with them - save each of them as yourpapername.jpg
I do this and then delete my paper .psp images because they are just way too big!

3 - Now you want to create a preview of your papers and you want to place all your gorgeous elements on to it as well.

4 - Open any one of your papers that are in .jpg format
Resize it from 300 dpi to 72 or 78 dpi
and change the size from 12 inches x 12 inches to 600 pixels x 600 pixels - "smart size"

5 - Now SAVE it AS yourkitnamePRV.psp

6 - Selections - select all - add a new raster layer - keep selected

7 - Open another paper and copy and paste into selection on the new layer

8 - Repeat steps 6 - 8 until you have all your papers on their own layers

9 - Selections - select none - move and rotate and position all your papers where you want them to be.


10 - ADD ELEMENTS - open one of your elements
- copy and paste as a new layer onto your preview
resize only the element layer to 17% or 20%
this will show you approximately how big your element is against your 12x12 layout

11 - continue adding your elements in this way and moving them to your liking

12 - when you are happy with your preview add your name and kit name etc to the top

13 - add a new layer "select all" and crop to selection - this will get rid of all the paper edges that went out of view whilst moving them about.

14 - Merge your layers and Save your completed preview as .jpg for posting to your blog or group

Monday, June 09, 2008

Curled Paper Edges

Curled Edges
Tutorial Video

Q. Did I make the curled edge on my Week Two Challenge result myself and if so how?
A. Yes I did and am very happy with the result, so here is the tuturial I used.

Tutorial Notes -
** It is a surprisingly simple technique
** Tear a real piece of paper
** Wet and roll and pinch the edge
** Scan the edge and tube it

The Video may take a while to open but is a super instruction on how to make curled edges. The most time consuming part for me was cleaning the edges (tubing it)
I made mine in Paint Shop Pro. Hope you enjoy making your own curled edges!
Terms of Use/Permission
Hi Pat
I would be delighted for you to point others to my website. My aim is to help as many people as I can to discover their creativity through learning how to digital scrapbook. So I would love for your to send digital scrapbooking beginners here to use my tutorials.
Step By Step Digital Scrapbook
Helping you turn your special photos into creative artworks you can share with your family and friends.

Challenge - Colour Palette June

Here is my result from the Week Two Challenge

Using this colour palette as a guide and with Father's Day as the Theme

Envelope Tutorial

Tutorial Link
TOU zippysplace

Tutorial Notes - Working on an 8 inch x 8 inch canvas for space
I made the envelope approximately 16cm x 11cm at 300 pixels per inch
applied texture old paper at default setting but changed the size to 300 and depth to 6
Add a slight bevel to the card and envelope
You could use your lighten and darken tool to give a bit more dimension to the edges of the envelope and card
Merge when satisfied and crop to size.
Image shown at 72 pixels per inch and 600 pixels x 600 pixels Smart Size
xoxoxo pat

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Digital Scrapping Class - Lesson 21

Eyelets(by Bannerwoman)
Eyelets - using Balls and Bubbles
(by Lori J Davis)
Eyelets - using Magnifying Lens
(by Lori J Davis)

I think my favourite tutorial is the one using the magnifying lens but all of them work great. You can use your various plugins to give them different character. Try painting them, bevelling them, apply different sculptures and textures, patterns, eyecandy, metal effects, whatever you fancy - and allow your experimenting and imagination help you to create something that is uniquely you.