Easy Paper Patterns

Tutorial Note:

Using Project Dogwaffle 1.2 (Freeware) which you can download here

1) Download the Freeware
2) Scan for Viruses
3) Paint a random picture using the brush and various settings
4) Save as .bmp so that you can open it in Paint Shop Pro
5) Open in Paint Shop Pro and save as .jpg
6) Make a paper using Effects / Image Effects / Seamless tiling

Your creations are yours to do with as you please
This is merely an idea to spark your creativity!


Staple made with the help of the tutorial by Shawna - Here


Metal and Gel Flower

Metal and Gel Flower

Make some fun elements for your scrap pages - Let's see what you can create!

Look at this tutorial to help you
Rhonda's Digital Designs



Make some fun needles and threads using this tutorial as a guide

See Shawna's tutorial to make thread here