Ribbons and Bows

Here is the result from tuts using Visros and AV Bros.
As always, Experiment,
Try changing the direction / location / radius / settings
and using Adjust / Hue and Saturation / Hue/Saturation/Lightness - try colorizing your finished ribbons
Try adding Greg's Pool Shadow to your straight ribbons - use intensity at about 52 and experimenting with AV Bros.
Also push the bows about with the warp brush
Ribbon size used 2400 pixels x 112 pixels try the
Easy Grosgrain Ribbon Lesson 29

Now you have had fun making ribbons flat and curled - how about trying your hand at making bows?
See Lesson 15

Bow Tutorials
Make a Bow using as AV Bros. Page Curl
AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.2 Tutorial - How to make a bow
Make Ribbon Curls using Visros

Look at bows see how they are constructed then make a copy of your ribbon and cut and paste your pieces into position. Look at a few ribbon tutorials and see how they are made. Use the warp tool and or warp brush to bend and push the ribbons into shape
Use your curls for the ribbons hanging down. Remember to practice and experiment, cut them, paste them, twist them, warp them, and colourize them.

The idea being to create them to look realistic, to not look like they were vector drawn or digital, but to try and transform digitally created ribbons into soft real looking bows!

Making ribbons is pretty easy but so easily you can go wrong, attention to detail is important to not make them look like plastic bars - the idea is to create them so that they maintain the softness and delicateness of real ribbon. Here is my first attempt at trying to make realistic looking ribbons and a few chenille sticks and a folded ribbon. Do you think I am making good progress yet? I'm quite pleased with the results.

With the fuzzy green bow I cut a piece of a ribbon I had made then used the deformation tool to make one side smaller, duplicated and mirrored and made a knot for it. The trials and tribulations of trying to invent ways to do things!
I made my wire edged ribbons using and manipulating the vectors on preset shapes and then used the warp tool to drag the shapes about.


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Hey sweets.....I tagged you as well. Please visit my blog to follow the instructions....hope you are doing well....Love ya, Witchy

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have to say I am so pleased to have found your blog :D I am new to scrap kits and tag making and have been thinking about making my own elements as I find it hard to find the right thing sometimes. A huge thankyou for these tutorials! I am going to have so much fun!