Postage Stamp

Tutorial - Creating a Postage Stamp  * 2017 tutorial link is no longer available - see notes below.
(By Zee Helmick)

Click on Image to see Preview shown at 600 pixels x 600 pixels at 78 pixels per inch

Tutorial Note from Pat

I worked on a 3 inch x 3 inch canvas at 300 pixels per inch
Flood fill with a colour to work over.
Add new Raster Layer / Selections select all contract x 41 flood with white
To cut the edges
View / Grids to see them / View / Change grids to 45 vertical and 45 horizontal
Eraser - Size 45 / erase dot on every other grid crossing around the white edge
Text - I used Comic Sans MS - sized at 30 points, 15 points and 12 points
Decorate with image of your choice.
I applied an Inner bevel to my stamp and a drop shadow, and saved as .png

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