Glitter Elements

Tutorial - Creating Glitter Elements - 2017 the link no longer works - see notes below.
(by Tracey Renemo)

Thanks to the wonderfully talented and generous teachers who share their talent and tutorials, I am continually learning!

Right click on this image and open in a new window to see a larger preview of the glitter.

The link given in tutorial for glitter does not work - use any glitter you have or use the ones I have here

you can also recolor them and save them as a new colour .jpg

Things to do to set up for your Glitter Elements
it is not as complicated as you may first think it is!

Briefly it is this easy to do.
1 - Download Script - unzip and place your script in the correct folder.
2 - Find a glitter to use and open in your work space to view in your materials patterns palette.
3 - Open new canvas
4 - Set up your paint brush settings as set out below (save as your own preset)
5 - Choose your preset shape, or lettering, and place on your canvas. (as Vector)
6 - Run your script - File/Script/Run and choose Vector Paint Script and see what happens
7 - Keep on experimenting! Adjust your brush size and try again.

I have icluded the Glitters that I used.
You could also just paint your glitter on like doodles by hand with your paint brush.

Read through the tutorial carefully - then read my notes.

(I do not have the coloured noise brush)
Click on your Paint Brush and set to default
(click brush presets and click on bent back arrow to get to default)
Paint Brush Settings.
Round - size 17 - hardness 4 - step 35 -density 70
thickness 100 - rotation 0 - opacity 100 - blend mode normal
continuous unchecked - wet look paint unchecked.
Click View/Palettes/Brush Variance
all settings on 0 except Fade 100 - position jitter 5 - impressions per step 1
Open your choice of glitter pattern in your Paint Shop Pro work space.
Any open image in your workspace can be viewed in your Materials/patterns palette.
Save Brush Preset. Click on Brush Preset and then on the save disk image give your preset a name.

As you can see on my preview some glitter is smaller, just go to brush - change your size and then go back to run your script - use the undo button if you need to.
The script can only be run on the vector layer while it is a vector.
I use Paint Shop Pro XI - I can type text and then under the objects button - convert to path - I can then run the script on lettering too. However, if you are unable to do this you can select your text and float/defloat expand selection and paint your glitter by hand into your selection.

Unzip your Paint script and place it in your Scripts Restricted Folder.