Stitching in Paintshop Pro

Original tutorial idea by Lady Fox

Can you believe these stitches are really just a row of 7 on a curve? Wow how clever it is!

Tutorial Note from Pat

This was a very clever but confusing tutorial and because I never follow tutorials strictly I tend to find an easy way to do things.

I made my line of stitches as per "text on a path" on a new layer and then went back and selected the circle/shape which I had converted to raster with my magic wand, and went to selections expand x 15 so that the shape fitted the stitches and filled the additional area with my colour.

You could also convert your vector to raster.

Cut your circle of text and then select your circle shape with your wand and paste the stitches into the selection.

Either way this was easier for me to do, than to follow the tech in the tutorial - because the tutorial is no longer available perhaps you will try my way and see what you think. I hope you have lots of fun with this one!

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