DLL files needed

Sometimes we add plugins or filters to our graphics program and they just don't seem to be there.

There are 5 different DLL files needed to run most filter/plugins/add ons with your Paintshop Pro graphics program that are NOT always installed or are not located in the proper folder for your operating system.

I am uploading them to our files section so you can get the ones you do not have.
I have scanned them with AVG and they are clean but always scan things yourself for peace of mind!


If after installing a plugin/filter AND once you have restarted your graphics program you get a message saying your program is unable to load it, place the above listed DLL's from the zip file as follows:

Windows98: All DLL's go in C:\Windows\System

WindowsME: Plugin.dll goes in your C:\Windows folder AND into your graphics program plugins folder. Msvcrt10.dll goes in your C:\Windows\System folder.

Windows2000: All DLL's go in C:\WINNT\System32

WindowsXP: All DLL's go in C:\Windows\System32

Vista - All DLL's go in C:\Windows\System32

They apparently cannot do any damage - if you put them in the wrong place they will not work.
If they are in the right place they work immediately.

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