Buckle Element


Make a Buckle Element (by Angela M. Cable)

Tutorial Notes by PCArt

This is another tutorial idea from the link above, to help us on our way and some information from me that I hope will be of use to you - basically I am trying to tell you what I know and soon you will be telling me what you know - that is how we learn together and help each other! I could not really follow the tutorial - I missed something and it just would not work for me!

This is what I did........
*..........I made my Buckle on a 2 inch x 2 inch and 300 dpi. canvas, (which is actually 600 pixels x 600 pixels) I drew my rounded rectangles with a line width of 70 - then merged visible - then selected with my magic wand and then created a new layer - it was easier this way. I closed the visibility of the original buckle pattern and filled my selection on the new layer with a colour from my Robin Palette - then applied a bevel and a texture and then added my drop shadow and also applied a soft pool shadow from Gregs..........* Now all I need to do is open my original and repeat with another fill or texture.

Please note Elements need to be large enough for your 12 x 12 or 8 x 8 layout
You might only be creating miniature scraps for tagging - but do remember that you cannot make a tiny image larger. Personally I would rather make it large enough and downsize it later if I want to.
Handy Tip I find that when I am looking at my work in progress (which is being created at 300 dpi)
and "view it at between 17 and 20 percent" - that is about the size it would be printed in real life.
If you are thinking of Printing your creations - please make sure that your size and dpi are correct!
usually 300 dpi or ppi that is 300 dots or pixels per inch and at the real life sizes you want it to be
- for example if you want it to really be 2 inches x 2 inches then that is the size you need to make it!

Another way of testing/seeing your image real print size
(This works in Paint Shop ProX1 - I am not sure about earlier versions)
Open the image you are working on - Go to File/Print Layout - and you will see your image in the left hand column and an open page on your screen in front of you - drag your image from the side on to the paper - now you can SEE the size of you image as it will be for printing on that page which is a normal A4 page.
You will quickly be able to tell if you are making it too small or too big :)

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Lori Crouch said...

I also could not follow the original tutorial, and this is very unusual for me. I think something IS missing. Thank you for sharing your re-tutorial!