Make a basic Tag

Make a basic Tag
(by Digital Scrapbooking in South Africa)
Simple Scrapbook Tag (1)
(by Lori J Davis)
Simple Scrapbook Tag (2)
(by Lori J Davis)

Tutorial Notes by PCArt
Enjoy yourselves making various tags from these tutorials, make the basic tags and then see how you can jazz them up and decorate them and stylise them in your own way - there is nothing to stop you creating them in different shapes and textures - so let your imagination run wild.
I only did the Basic Tag Tutorial and then had fun decorating them - On the tags I selected all/contracted by 20 and applied texture/simple canvas at size 150 and depth 2. Using new layers for all - Added preset shapes, leaves and flowers, brushes and flower tubes and colorized the flowers, and added buttons and beads, and stitches. Added slight texture to leaves and slight drop shadow to leaves and flowers. Added cross stitches to flowers. I will try the other tutorials when I have more time.

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