Create a Vase in Paintshop Pro

Create a Vase - © PCArt 11 September 2004

This Tutorial is my own creation.   Please do not copy it or claim it as your own. I hope you enjoy doing the tutorial, your creation is yours to do with as you please. If you would like to share this tutorial through a group or to a friend Please supply only a text link to it. 

What you will need 
Paintshop Pro (this was done with 9 Trial version)
(it can probably be done with ease using other versions of Paintshop Pro)
Flower tubes of your choice

1) Open New Image 400 x 600 pixels Transparent background
Remember to Save Often

2) Make Foreground white and background Null in colour palette

3) Go to Preset shapes select ellipse / mode circle / create on vector / line width 1 / Anti-alias
Draw a circle about one third of the size of your canvas, use your mover tool to move the circle down towards the bottom of your canvas, go to Objects / Align / Horizontal in canvas
Right Click on your vector layer in your layer palette and convert to Raster layer

4) Use the Magic Wand to click in the middle of the circle and now you have marching ants where your line is - Keep Selected and Add a New Raster Layer
Effects / 3D Effects / Cut-out / with these settings
Vertical 8 Horizontal -6 Opacity 48 Blur 20 Fill interior with colour unchecked

5)Keep Selected and Add a New Raster Layer
Effects / 3D Effects / Cut-out / with these settings
Vertical -13 Horizontal 11 Opacity 40 Blur 30 Fill interior with colour unchecked

You now have four layers
your base layer with nothing on it
your second layer with the white circle edge
your third and fourth layers with the individual cut-outs

6) Click on the eye in layer palette on layer one and two to make them invisible
Right Click on layer three or four and Merge / Merge Visible

7) Click in centre of white circle on layer two with your magic wand
Add a new Raster Layer!
Using your Flood Fill Tool (The bucket)
Flood Fill with Ocean Blues Gradient / Style Linear / Angle 182 / Repeats 0 / Invert Checked
Adjust / Add Noise / Uniform / 15
Selections / Select None
You can lower the opacity on this layer to about 90

8) Use your selection tool / rectangle,  to select a small portion of the top part of your filled circle and delete leaving it with a flat top for the neck of the vase
Keep Selected and repeat delete on the Merged Layer to clean the top part of the cut-out
Add a New Raster layer
Use your selection tool to select a rectangle shape at the top of your image to create a top for your vase
Flood fill with white Keep Selected
Flood fill with Metal Brass Gradient / Linear / Angle 90 / Repeats 0
Selections / Select None

9) **Repeat this task (8) **at the bottom of your circle to form the base
Now you can select flower tubes to place in your vase
Now you can delete the white circle layer you don't need it anymore
Fill your base layer as you wish, mine is flood filled with Black
Add your watermark and embellishments or frame and you are done.

I hope that you enjoyed doing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

I would really appreciate your feedback and seeing your finished result.


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